21 French Bulldogs rescued from a farm, a word on the door leaves the association speechless

A breeder from the Midwest in the United States who fell ill could no longer ensure the well-being of his animals and therefore contacted an association. When the latter arrives, it is dread. The canines were in really bad shape. A note left on the door indicated his interest in his doggies.

On July 17, 2022, a lifeguard from the association Compassion for Dogs a tried and tested day. The organization based in WindsorFr Virginiamoved to the other end of the country following the call of a breeder of French Bulldogs.

He had explained that he was seriously ill and could no longer take on the 21 dogs in his charge. He therefore wanted some of his animals to be offered a new home through Compassion for Dogsreport 3WTKR.

“Take ‘Em All”

When the rescuer arrived with her van and some transport boxes, she did not meet the man in question. But was written on a piece of paper taped to the door: “take them all”.

“No human had the decency to show themselves”shared a spokesperson on a Facebook post.

So the Good Samaritan came in and discovered the horror. There were no less than 21 canines locked up in tiny concrete cages. The poor beasts had almost no hair, suffered from eye infections and were infested with parasites.

The rescuer had no choice but to go out and buy a bigger truck and extra transport boxes. She then loaded the 21 doggies who were begging for help and then brought them back to the shelter. “It was a long journey back”she specified.

Once there, she assigned the doggies to the veterinarian who distributed first aid to the most urgent cases.

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Since their arrival at the shelter, the canines have been treated for their various ailments, have been sterilized, rid of fleas and vaccinated. Some have gone blind from infection in untreated eyes.

They gradually represent forces and are pampered by the volunteers. “Once they are deemed healthy enough, they will go to their homes forever”said the Doctor Brookshire.


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