20M Internet users are hallucinating at what is happening (video)

A shy dog ​​meets other introverts

A couple recently shared a video of a dog meeting that had people laughing out loud on TikTok.

The caption of the video reads: “Here’s what happens when you put introverted dogs together”

And the pictures speak for themselves! We see several doggies sitting in a park, but to our amazement, the dogs do not look at each other at all. They are all scattered and absolutely avoid crossing each other.

A meeting of introverts

They are introverted dogs who do not necessarily like contact with other doggies.

The parents of the dog Qila filmed this unusual moment and published it on the TikTok account dedicated to their dog.

In just a few days, the video was a great success with nearly 20 million views!

She knows what she wants

In the video, Qila turns her back on the other dogs. She appreciates her moment of calm without the other doggies approaching her. Moreover, when a dog passes a little too close to her, she does not hesitate to growl a little.

Qila is an adorable dog who was rescued from the streets in Russia. She is now living her best life with her masters in Sweden. She much prefers the company of her masters rather than that of other doggies.

Hilarious comments

Netizens commented heavily on the video, and some wrote new captions to the video:

“Come to the party it’s going to be amazing!! ” The evening : ”

“What am I doing here… Why did I come…”

“This meeting could have been an e-mail” joked a user, alluding to meetings that are not always necessary.

And you, have you ever seen several introverted dogs together?

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