2 Ukrainian dogs injured in the war received a wheeled device and are now looking for a loving home

Animals are also suffering from the war that has been raging in Ukraine since February 24. Fortunately, local associations work in collaboration with foreign organizations to allow cats and dogs to have a second chance in life. Johnny and Phoenix, 2 big-hearted doggies, are now ready to set off on new adventures after enduring hell.

Johnny and Phoenix both have a heavy past and are now reborn from their ashes thanks to 3 associations.

One of them relates to People that Johnny was shot by the Russian army and then left for dead in the combat zone. The doggie nevertheless drew on his last strength to crawl for more than 3 kilometers before meeting with help.

Volunteers then brought him the first aid and the comfort he needed so much. Unfortunately, his serious injuries to the 2 rear limbs caused irreversible sequelae.

Phoenix a similarly had the same sad experience. He was hit by an air strike which immediately removed part of his 2 hind legs.

In addition, he had a major lesion on a forelimb.

Fortunately, he too was rescued in time by an association that campaigns for animal welfare in the field.

New start in the UK

The non-profit organization Break the Chains Animal Rescue (BTC), based on at UKa returnee then welcomed in his refuge Johnny and Phoenix.

The 2 doggies were treated by a veterinarian and, surrounded by kindness and tenderness, recovered from their emotions.

In order for them to regain their autonomy, BTC a fact called pets that walk which provides wheeled devices to pets with disabilities.

The group donated 2 custom-made armchairs for Johnny and Phoenix.

The 2 survivors therefore not only recovered their mobility, but also their joie de vivre.

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According to BTCthey adapted very quickly to their “wheelchair”.

They are therefore ready for new adventures in caring homes that will make them forget their trauma.

The volunteers are currently actively looking for adopters who could accommodate their disability and provide them with all the love they present.


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