2 shelter dogs escorted by the municipal police of Perpignan to give their blood to a congener in danger of death

Thursday, September 8, the veterinary clinic Neovet operated on a badly named dog Iris. To save her, the surgeon needed a blood donation and therefore called the association as a last resort. A Gite A Bowl 17 hours.

“A dog in very serious condition must be transfused very quickly, it takes 2 canines to try to keep her alive, but we have little time”explained the caregiver.

The shelter team has organized and thought of 2 all residents who are compatible and in great shape, Saiko and soko.

The volunteers therefore embarked them in their vehicle. “They were super happy to go for a drive”a declared Corinne Legrand.

Only at this rush hour, traffic is heavy in the agglomeration of Perpignan and there was a good chance they wouldn’t arrive in time.

“We had to be there by 6 p.m. So I called the city’s municipal police dog squad and explained the situation to them.”a report Corinne.

A chain of solidarity

The police willingly accepted the mission. A screaming siren, the police vehicle escorted the one from the refuge area of ​​the North polygon to the clinic.

The 2 uniformed officers assisted carolina to take the canids out of their transport crate and led them inside the establishment.

“You would have seen how proud our darlings from the shelter were, real police dogs!! They were taken care of quickly, without any stress”explained the organization on its social networks before warmly thanking the good Samaritans.

That same evening at 8 p.m., the veterinarian called carolina for the informant of the situation.

The surgeryIris was still in progress, but everything was now proceeding under the best auspices, because Saiko had been able to give his sung.

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The next day, the unfortunate woke up. She is now recovering from her ordeal, reports the Demotivator.

Saiko and sokothe 2 heroes have returned to the kennel where they are still waiting for adopters.


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