2 kittens found on the street taste the joys of indoor life

They haven’t just wandered around, and yet Danny and Lando are all indoor cats. They will know the joys thanks to consummate humans, and will finally taste the happiness that was intended for them.

The story of these 2 feline brothers was born in United Statesand more exactly to corpus Christiin December 2021. meow of love tells how these kittens went from a life outside, marked by the winter cold, to a warm daily life filled with tenderness, with loving people.

2 cats that stand out

It was an old man from the Texas town who met the 2 felines. These mingled with other cats including the Good Samaritan, Danyused to keep busy, but her granddaughter will soon realize that these two are different.

Sociable and affectionate, the 2 kittens particularly appreciate the company of humans. Lindsay Haglundmember of Coastal Bend Cat Rescueconfides that it was at this moment that the association was contacted.

The granddaughter really wanted them to have the chance to have an indoor life », and this is what they will know thanks to his benevolence. The 2 feline brothers therefore joined the shelter, then a foster family, where they were able to claim all the love they needed.

They were finally where they needed to be

Lindsay recalls that from their first encounter with the kittens, the volunteers were fueled by their docility. ” They went directly into their transport cage, we were very surprised! she says.

It was therefore logical that the 2 felines, named Dany (in homage to his benefactor) and lando, fits perfectly into their new environment. The furballs have only been asking for caresses and cuddles from their human friends.

They are super soft and cuddly “confided Lindsay. Although they take time to learn how to use their litter, Dany and lando nevertheless quickly acclimatized to their indoor life, and were happier than ever.

They were then offered for adoption via The cattery cat shelter, and it didn’t take long for the charming felines to join their family for life. Wonderful new adventures await them!

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