2 dogs close to death after eating chocolate and raisins unearthed in a park

Eating unsafe food is one of the most common household accidents in dogs. This time, the 2 doggies had the chance to be taken care of very quickly after eating chocolate candies and dried grapes that they found during a walk. Their owner calls for vigilance.

carrie allan lives at Glasgow Fr Scotland with his 2 Golden Retriever breed dogs, Baxter and Oscar.

One evening, the 41-year-old woman went for a walk with her 2 faithful companions in the green park of the city.

“It looked like there had been a picnic. People had left their trash on the lawn.an explanation Carrie a Vets now.

Curious, Baxter and Oscar ran to the garbage cans in search of an improvised treat. Approaching, their mistress found on the ground a candy with chocolate and raisins. Obviously, his 2 doggies had enjoyed themselves.

Aware of the risks run by Baxter and Oscarshe showed up at the local on-call veterinary clinic.

Illustration of the article: 2 dogs come close to death after eating chocolate and raisins unearthed in a park
Carrie Allan / Vets Now

Quick support that avoided the worst

The animal doctors Vets now are accustomed to these kinds of incidents caused by toxic foods.

Baxter had been the greediest, going so far as to eat the wrapper. He immediately received a drug to make him vomit since the facts went back a short time.

Fortunately, he naturally avoided the majority of dangerous sweets for his body.

Nevertheless, the veterinarians placed him under sedation and under observation. Oscaras for him, a supplement of a treatment based on activated carbon which has the effect of neutralizing the toxins of the sweets.

Their hospital stay coincided with the birthday of Baxter who was celebrating his 8th birthday. The team of Vets now therefore organized an impromptu party for the pooch.

“I received an email with a picture of him that said: Hi mum, I’m fine! It touched me a lot and comforted me”a delegate Carrie who was finally relieved.

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The 2 canines were able to leave the veterinary clinic the next day. They are now in great shape and enjoying life again.

Carrieshocked by the experience, now wants to let owners know about her beloved dogs’ mishap so accidents like this are stopped.

In addition, she implores people to throw their rubbish in the trash.


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