2 assistance dogs will support victims during Millas accident trial

Recalling sad memories and testifying in a trial of such magnitude as this is not easy. In order to help the victims in this ordeal, 2 assistance dogs dressed to bring their comfort make their grand entrance to the court. A device already in place and which has proven its worth.

The accident of Millas occurred on December 14, 2017 on the municipal level crossing. The toll is heavy: 6 dead and 17 injured in the collision between the coach carrying 23 students and the TER. The trial will take place from September 19 to October 7 in the court of Marseilles.

Speaking in front of 400 people, including magistrates, journalists and lawyers, is already an ordeal in itself. But when it comes to bearing witness to painful facts, the experience can be disturbing.

To support the victims, 2 canines will also be present. The 2 doggies, of Labrador Retriever breed, were educated to become assistance dogs (regularly called comfort dogs).

“They have the ability to help release speech in the context of traumatic events. They also make it possible to relax the atmosphere, in an extremely difficult context for the victims.an adding Olivier Theirentpresident of the court of Marseillesa France Blue.

A calming presence

Thus, throughout the time that the trial will last, the witnesses could benefit from the support of the canids. The affectionate doggies will be available on demand and have learned not to disrupt a courtroom.

“Victims who wish to do so offer to solicit them when testifying. It is possible to pet the dog, to hold it against you or to make it put its head on its knees »an explanation Marie-Guillaumedirector of theAvad (victim support association).

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This device has already proven itself throughout the world and more recently in France. Rancho, his nickname, had indeed helped a young girl who had suffered sexual abuse to testify against her attacker during her trial on June 29.


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