180 dogs gathered at the dog show

It was in the summer heat that the competition organized by the Pays Hamois Canin Club was held on the weekend of August 30 and 31. 175 senior dogs and 2 junior dogs took turns and competed at the Gaston Lejeune stadium in Ham.
Malinois, poodles, and aother German shepherds were in the starting blocks with their masters, motivated by the idea of ​​giving the best possible performance against competitors from several countries bordering France. “This year, the competition is Europeansaid Franck Rigaut, president of the Club Canin du Pays Hamois association. Belgium and Luxembourg have joined us. We take in priority owners from Picardy, then from all over France but if there is room, we are not closed to the idea of ​​taking on other nationalities.
Under the orders of the master, dogs of different breeds must complete a course strewn with pitfalls. The competition took place on two essential points: the Agility course, with the dogs as few faults as possible and the speed competition. The best were rewarded for their consistency in both categories.

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