10 kilos of methamphetamine hidden in a package of dog food

Customs officials and police officers from the anti-narcotics office then set up an operation to monitor the delivery of narcotics, to an address in Moliets-et-Maâ, on the morning of Monday July 25. In addition to the arrest of the man who received this package loaded with amphetamines “for a friend”, the search of his home led to the seizure of 70 kilograms of cannabis. Stored in the refrigerator, this resin was packaged in olives of 10 grams.

“I got trapped. The package, I did not know what it contained, ”says the defendant. Four hearings and ninety-six hours of police custody presented his presentation before the judges of the Dax judicial court, gathered as part of an immediate comparison, this Monday 1uh august. The discomfort of this 48-year-old former cook, father of three children, is palpable. “Don’t you have a glass of water?” “, he asks, from the first minutes of an instruction provided by Claire Gascon.


It shows the changing statements of the respondent, both about his role in receiving the package and about the cannabis put in the fridge. “Two months back, this friend asked me to keep this resin. I said okay. That way, I could smoke a good thing”, confides the one who appears in the eyes of the magistrates as “a nurse who used the goods”.

The requisitions of Rodolphe Jarry, to the public prosecutor, are scathing. “You told us you ‘stopped the bullshit’. But, having 70 kilos of cannabis resin in your fridge, what do you call that? The Dax public prosecutor does not appreciate the different versions of the facts presented by the defendant. “You lied during your first three auditions, tried to play on our innocence and our candor by presenting yourself as the turkey of the farce. »

A given name

Threatened with a firm incarceration of eighteen months, the man challenges judge and prosecutor. “Are you well aware of the whole file? On Friday, I gave the name of the person who asked me to pick up the package. This argument of the given name is echoed by his counsel, Mr.e Nathalie Brethoux.

In order to support her request for release on this methamphetamine received by her client, the lawyer evokes article 222-43-1, supposed to exempt “a repentant” from punishment. Pugnacious, she also points out the weaknesses of the procedure by stating the law, for example “the absence of the results of the samples taken from the products seized”.

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